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BIOTRAILS Second General Assembly: Reflections on Progress, Collaboration, and Key Insights

The second General Assembly of BIOTRAILS was a resounding success, marked by fruitful, lively discussions and valuable networking opportunities!


The event was held on the 16th and 17th of January in Athens, thanks to Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization’s (HAPO) kind hospitality. The event brought together representatives of the 11 partners spanning nine countries. The primary focus of the meeting was to assess the current status of the project’s implementation, address any barriers encountered in the first year and discuss deviations from the initial roadmap, and collaboratively plan improvements for the upcoming second project year of BIOTRAILS.


This latter part of the discussion was enlightened by the highly interesting keynote speech by Michael Christie, Professor of Environmental and Ecological Economics at Aberystwyth University and Co-chair of the IPBES Values Assessment. His speech allowed us to identify some of the key issues that BIOTRAILS needs to address to effectively enable and accelerate biodiversity-related transformative change: specifically, incorporating the values of different stakeholders in the analytical framework.


This year’s assembly also featured an interactive session on the Trans-project Learning and Action Alliance (LLA) aiming to identify and enhance synergies among the different projects in the Transformative Change Cluster. The project coordinators of the BAMBOORAINFORESTCLEVERBIONEXTTC4BE projects shared insights into their core activities, methods, and case study peculiarities – illustrating the pivotal role the BIOTRAILS LLA plays in achieving the project’s objectives. Another crucial discussion revolved around optimising the effectiveness of the Dissemination & Communication activities by leveraging the BIOTRAILS Learning Platform to foster dialogue between stakeholders at different levels, ensuring a broader reach for BIOTRAILS main messages and developments. The day concluded with an interactive session dedicated to the implementation of BIOTRAILS in each case study. 


On Day 3, the final day of the assembly, partners had the unique opportunity to visit AVRAMAR, a leader in Mediterranean Aquaculture. Katerina Lytra, our Greek case study leader, provided fascinating insights about how sustainable and responsible aquaculture practices can produce healthy fish according to the highest animal welfare standards in harmony with the environment. These experiences added a valuable practical dimension to the assembly, contributing to the overall success of BIOTRAILS. The most relevant findings of our 2nd annual General Assembly will be elaborated upon in the upcoming issue of our newsletter. 


Stay tuned for an in-depth discussion of these insights!


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