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The HELLENIC AQUACULTURE PRODUCERS ORGANIZATION (HAPO) recently hosted the first BIOTRAILS stakeholders’ workshop on the Aquaculture and Fisheries case study in Athens (Greece) in January 2024.


The workshop, facilitated by Harokopio University of Athens (HUA), aimed to bring together different stakeholders: aquaculture company representatives, fish feed producers, quality assurance experts, investment programme experts, and aquaculture auditors. The objective was to engage in a focused group discussion on sustainable transformation needs and the trajectory of the fisheries and aquaculture sector towards sustainability.





BIOTRAILS was presented, initiating a dialogue on how the project’s key findings could support transformative change in this specific case study. The workshop comprised three main exercises: identifying key sustainability and biodiversity enhancement topics, pinpointing stakeholders’ future aspirations related to these variables, and assessing the feasibility of implementing these aspirations along with identifying potential barriers.

The workshop discussion proved highly fruitful. Through collaborative dialogue, the sector’s primary challenges and pathways to sustainability were delineated in a concrete and constructive manner. Participants demonstrated deep engagement and expressed commitment to actively participate in the subsequent stages of the BIOTRAILS project. The workshop not only met the expectations of the BIOTRAILS project but also those of the stakeholders involved.

The outcomes of the workshop are being carefully structured and analysed by BIOTRAILS researchers in order to be used for the development of structural equation models for identified behavioural change patterns, the identification of core leverage points in which transformation could tentatively happen, and the construction of system dynamics models which allow to bring all these pieces of information together and determine how or where transformative change can be achieved. 


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