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“The approval of the European Commission is still pending”. 

D2.1: LAA stakeholder engagement guidelines and BIOTRAILS Learning Platform

D2.3: Framework of transitional pathways and leverage points (A)

D3.1: BIOTRAILS data repository (A)

D3.3: BIOTRAILS structural equation models (A)

D3.5: Updated LCA and EEMRIO data (A)

D3.7: Climate projections report (A)

D3.9: PSDM processes for Nexus understanding and management (A)

D4.1: Report on the results of the behavioural interventions studies (A)

D4.3: Developing capabilities for cities to reduce their biodiversity impact (A)

D4.5: Biodiversity-focused ESG toolkit (A)

D6.1: Dissemination, communication and outreach plan (A)

D6.5: Joint activities with other projects initiatives